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ENTER The World Of Computers

Edited December 27, 2022

In the 80s, Children's Television Workshop (the folks who brought us Sesame Street) published a kids' science magazine called 321 Contact. For a brief period, they included sections from another of their magazines, a computer-focused one called ENTER.

The subsection included reviews for early PC games, some weird talk radio themed Q&A sections, and most importantly to me, BASIC games you could type in and play. This stuff was a big part of how I learned to program. It's also a big factor in why I'm still so mediocre at it, since these were optimized for brevity and legibility, and all of the good programming languages hadn't been invented yet.

You can find the entire archive of ENTER over on the Internet Archive but at the time of this writing, the 321 Contact selection there is a little spotty.

A few years ago, I scanned the relevant pages of all of my childhood copies, and merged them with a couple of different archives I found online.

It's all in this RAR file right here -- I don't know how the web works anymore, so you'll need to right-click and Save As. You can also browse the individual page scans over on where I originally uploaded them.

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