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Jungle Raoul

Edited March 3, 2023

QuickBASIC source code: JUNGLE.BAS

Executable (requires DOSBOX): JUNGLE.EXE

This is a game with ASCII graphics, kind of in the style of a traditional roguelike (though we did not refer to them as either 'traditional' or 'roguelike' at the time.) Only the first level is procedurally generated. This might be the first time I actually packaged a complete game and published it where anybody else could see it. I think it predates my first personal website by a year or two.

I made this as a submission to a website called All BASIC Code, which collected programs in what was even then a very old language. The comments say 1996, but it's in their 1997 packet, so I guess I took a while to get around to it. Because I explicitly made this for other people to see, it's weirdly comprehensively commented.

I can't find the original ABC site, but somebody has made an archive of it.

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