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Krakrox the Barbarian

Edited March 2, 2023

This is a little turn-based game I made in Javascript sometime in 2001. It's not particularly well-designed, but there's definitely quite a bit of KoL's DNA visible in there. Click the image up there to play it.

It's important to read the instructions, or you won't understand that you use 8, 4, 6 and 2 on the freaking numpad to move. 5 stands still, because this game is from before they invented zugzwang.

Once you find the ring of half-assed regeneration, an obvious degenerate strategy reveals itself to the cunning exploiter.

The game ends with you recovering an emerald ampersand. The Jungle Raoul chronicles, which I will post here soon, concern the recovery of a sapphire version. I had this idea that all of my games would share a world in which various jewels carved into ampersands had been stolen from some piece of ancient machinery that was important to the continued existence of reality. I apparently gave up on that idea at some point.

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