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The Park

Edited March 1, 2023

These notes are for a game I was planning sometime in 2001 or 2002, a year or so before I started working on Kingdom of Loathing.

The game would've taken place in a city park after some apocalyptic event that eradicated humans and made animals inteligent.

There are some pages missing -- I definitely remember writing stuff about the game's basic character classes, etc.

Players would be hedgehog warriors, squirrel rangers, or turtle magi. KoL retained the 3 basic stats and the turtles.

I think my plan was for the entire game to be text-only -- navigation would be done via hyperlinks, rather than on a map.

This was a diagram of the central hub (The Clearing) and the nearby, early game areas.

This was stuff you could do in The Clearing.

"[A] chat room would be really good." Indeed!

The game's intro area, The Meadow. KoL came by its hokey "The Noun" names honestly.

At any given node of the world, the player would have a menu of options. Some of them would be equivalent to KoL adventures, some would just be one-off tasks.

I don't think these notes were too concerned with which things would cost turns and which things wouldn't.

Narrow Beach features the enemies (ripped off from the Dark Tower series) that would eventualy become KoL's lobsterfrogmen.

The Hermit is mentioned here. No word on whether you'd be able to kill him in this game.

Some areas required character properties, which could either be innate or granted by effects/potions. Lightness, for instance -- squirrels would have the passive ability to do things in the treetops but the other animals would need some help.

Here I propose the world's dumbest data storage method for quests.

KoL started out doing it this way, until the limits became clear to me. The stuff in a KoL campsite is still stored this way, and it causes occasional headaches.

Similiar to KoL, The Park characters had skills that could grant temporary effects or conjure items.

There were no combat skills, though, because...

Like early KoL, combat wasn't interactive -- you'd just have a set of starting conditions and the engine would play out the fight and tell you what happened.

It had a kind of MUD-style system where a timer would tick up and different attacks/abilities would occur at different intervals.

Data structure for enemies. Some of this (the special attack stuff, for instance) made it into early KoL more or less unchanged.

Some crafting recipes.

This page was the only one that was legally binding. Too bad it was mostly just a boring list of wood.

And some IP address notes. And the phone number of a landscaping company in Illinois, for some reason.

In conclusion, THE END.

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