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Edited February 13, 2023

This was by far the weakest of the 2020 20, made for a 3-hour jam.

Original devlog / postmortem

This was another TriJam, so a quick 3-hour prototype. The theme was 99%. This one was loosely based on Solar Fox, a fairly obscure arcade game I loved as a kid. It was… sort of a Pac Man clone, I guess? Your ship is always moving, you just control the direction (and can toggle between fast/slow speed with a button.) You move to the next level by collecting all of the little… space bits. Enemies on the sides of the level shot at you, and occasionally an item would spawn that wandered across the screen and gave you bonus points if you grabbed it.

FOX99 generates a level with a few walls and 100 coins in a four-way symmetrical pattern. Once you’ve collected 99, the remaining one turns into a new set of mirrored walls, 100 new coins spawn in, and you start again.

I think the idea of leaving a wall behind where the player leaves the last coin is interesting, but it’d probably be more interesting at 19/20 than it is at 99/100. I just felt like I had to give some kind of lip service to the theme.

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