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The Worm Has Turned

Edited February 9, 2023

One of the later 2020 games. This one still makes me smile. I really like the music gag, and I actually find it challenging to play in an interesting way. You can click the picture up there to play, or see it in its original context on

Original devlog / post-mortem:

For the One Button Jam, I set out with the idea of implementing Snake as a single-button game, and then... I did. When I conceived of the method, I worried that it was going to involve a lot more trigonometry than Iím comfortable with, but it ended up being relatively straightforward.

Iím really amused by having the music reverse when you switch from clockwise to counterclockwise. There is theoretically a way to get Javascript to set the playback rate of an audio file to negative one, in order to reverse it from its current position, but I couldnít get it to work. I ended up just having two tracks playing all the time, one forward and one backward, and toggling the volume of each track based on where you are. I think this might secretly be better, because otherwise the song would probably average out to always being in the same place, and depending on what that place was it might be mostly silence.

A very small game, but that's okay. The clock is turning, after all.

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