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Edited January 20, 2023

This barely counts as "a thing I made," but I like it, so I'm posting it.

At some point I stumbled across this pen-and-paper RPG that used random Magic cards as elements. It linked to the Scryfall database, which has a really powerful query system.

Using that, I put together

The Magicstormer

It uses frames (which remain, to this day, a fantastic technology with an absolutely undeserved bad reputation) to display random cards of a selected type or mana color.

I used this tool a lot while working on the combat parts of Shadows Over Loathing. I'd find myself with a pile of a dozen monsters I needed to come up with distinct combat abilities for, and if I got stuck on one, it usually only took two or three draws from the deck to plant the seed of an idea and get me unstuck.

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