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Two Words (Pen & Paper)

Edited January 10, 2023

This was a finalist in the 2016 iteration of the 200 Word RPG Challenge.

Two Words: A Game

Character Creation:                Some Examples:

Choose Class:    Tough Policeman        Arrogant Wizard        Space Scoundrel

Choose Name:     Chet Greaves           Marvolio Malzworth     Krad Stardrifter

Three Traits:    Intimidating Presence  Raven Familiar         Steady Hand
                 Impressive Physique    Staggering Intellect   Charming Grin
(one liability)  Tremendous Appetite    Germ Phobia            Extremely Greedy             
Four Skills:     Discover Clue          Control Animals        Pilot Vehicle
                 Detain Suspect         Conjure Fire           Trick Shot
                 Devastating Punch      Become Invisible       Create Disguise
                 Recognize Lie          Comprehend Language    Bypass Lock

Game Master:     Describe Scene.  Present Problems. Adjudicate Actions.  

Trying Things:   Roll d6.               Normal thing?          4+ succeeds.
                                        Relevant Trait?        3+ succeeds.
                                        Using Skill?           3+ succeeds.
                                        Both appropriate?      2+ succeeds.
                                        Difficult Thing?       Add 1.
                                        Relevant Liability?    Add 1.
Sample Session:

    Game Master:                        Krad Stardrifter:

    Space Station. Decaying Orbit.
                                        Business opportunity!
    Docking Bay. No Guards.
                                        Proceed... cautiously.
    Tunnel Forks.
    Left Branch: Well Lit.
    Right Branch: Less So.
                                        Head Right.
    Reinforced Door. Says "Vault."
                                        Locking Mechanism?
    Oh yeah. Expensive one.
                                        Bypass It.
    Roll die. Need... 3.
                                        (rolls die) Got 3.
    Lock beeps.  Door opens.
                                        Big score?
    No treasure. Just guards.
                                        Well, Crap. Pull gun. Shoot quick.
    Need... 3.
                                        Steady Hand?
    Nope -- ambushed.
                                        (sighs loudly) Okay, Fine. Rolled 2.
    Gun Jams.
                                        Dag nabbit. Create disguise?
    Ha ha. Fat chance.
                                        Okay then. Run away!

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