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Ghost Wizard

Edited January 9, 2023

This was my first 7DRL entry, from before I started doing them in a format that anybody would actually play. It's written in QuickBASIC using the modernized QB64 compiler.

You can look at the source code or download the windows executable, though I suspect any modern security conscious browser would throw a fit if you tried the latter.

I never wrote up a proper postmortem for this one. I'm happy with certain parts of it, though I think it's overall kind of a slog to actually play. The world is too big to really move around in, and the resource economy isn't balanced in an interesting way.

I did the enemies as cellular automata instead of as discrete data objects, mainly because I didn't know how to do it correctly in the language it's written in. This is mainly only interesting to me because of how much cooler I now know the stuff I made in QB as a kid would've been if I had thought of this technique back then.

Some of the better ideas (mostly the narrative bits) made it into Spirit Witch, which I will post here eventually.

Some screenshots:

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